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To move is to feel, and it must feel good. Mindful exercise is key to mantaining or increasing our quality of life as we get older. By increasing our awareness of who we are and of how we move, the aging process becomes a transition into a greater state of mind, in a strong and flexible body. It is our mission to make sure that you achieve your goals, at your own pace and in your own manner, learning to connect your body. We will help you find your own inner strength and individuality, through clear guidance and care.
What is the difference between Gyrotonic and Pilates exercise?
Gyrotonic is rhythmic and circular. Pilates is linear and controlled. Gyrotonic works the whole body integrating all its parts in continous movement. Pilates isolates movement and muscle groups so that you feel that burn where you're working. Gyrotonic doesn't isolate movement. The whole body has to coordinate to perform movement, hundreds of muscles have to engage in a dynamic and fluid manner, where quality of movement and rhythm  are important. Gyrotonic connects you to your Seed Center. Pilates connects you to your Power House. Both build strength from the inside out.
What is the difference between Gyrotonic and Yoga exercise?
The influence of Yoga is present in Gyrotonic, however, the methodology is quiet different. In the practice of Yoga postures are held. Transitions between poses are usually not the focus of the work. The strength from holding a position stationary can be very powerful and challenging. Muscles work in an isometric way. In Gyrotonic we are moving constantly. Movement can be extremely slow, like an adagio, or can be fast and rhythmic. Transitions between moves are very important, so that we never loose connection in the body. Muscles work in an isotomic way. The influence of Dance creates an exercise that is fluid and in constant motion.
What is the difference between Gyrotonic exercise and Dance?
Simple! Dance is a form of art, in which the body expresses or communicates to the audience. Gyrotonic is an amazing method of exercise that will enhance expression and individuality. It will help you build clear and strong connections in your body to achieve whatever your goals might be.
What is the difference between Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods?
Gyrokinesis used to be called Yoga for Dancers. It is the mat work of Gyrotonic. The same exercises are performed without equipment, on stools, the floor, and standing. This is a group mat based class. Recommended for those who travel a lot, something you can do in your hotel room to alleviate tension and energize your body. 
What will Gyrotonic exercise do for me?
For the everyday office worker that sits most of the day or for those who have to stand  for long hours, problems such as lower back pain or stiff shoulders and neck pain, are common. By learning to activate deep spinal muscles of support, engaging our core muscles and our legs, we learn to support the spine.  As a result pain or discomfort will end. Be consistent, put in the effort and time to get stronger, and begin to feel more energized, invigorated and pain free.

Inspirational Thoughts

As an individual, I believe life should be fulfilling, always interesting, and with a good balance between all our opposite qualities that make us human. As a dancer and movement educator, my goal is to have complete awareness of my actions, and to be able to teach awareness through movement. This is done by being present, in the moment, to meet my clients needs and stay focused, day by day.

For my students, each session is their time for themselves, to get to know their bodies in a deeply connected manner. I assist in their process of discovery. I believe that bridging the mind and body through conscious movement will develop the possibility of transformation, or necessary change in anyone's life. I teach to enhance the individuality and maximum potential of each of my students, and I'm always learning from them. They inspire me to continue learning and I hope to inspire them back!

On a more down to earth level, I will say that physically your body will experience changes. Your muscles will get toned and elongated, your joints stronger, with balanced stability and mobility, and your posture will improve. You will learn to connect to your personal power or "seed center", and grow from there. You will learn to be centered and whole and achieve an internal sense of satisfaction and happiness, as your body moves with grace, expressiveness and a unique quality that is yourself.
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