For the everyday office worker that sits most of the day or for those who have to stand  for long hours, problems such as lower back pain or stiff shoulders and neck pain, are common. By learning to activate deep spinal muscles of support, engaging our core muscles and our legs, we learn to support the spine.  As a result pain or discomfort will end. Be consistent, put in the effort and time to get stronger, and begin to feel more energized, invigorated and pain free.


Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Dance require flexibility, control and grace. We concentrate on increasing range of motion. Establish clear hip articulation and leg extension. Strengthen the extenal rotator muscles of the legs, improving turn out. Elongating the hamstrings improving leg extension. Healthier knees by strengthening the ligaments around the joint. Improve your balance and transitions. Learn to release neck and shoulder tension while moving. Enhance your performance abilities with better energy flow.


Prevent injury, improve performance. Having a strong and flexible body with a deep connection to the earth and core will make the difference in competitive sports. Acquire clear intension and focus. Swing faster, increase distance, hit the ball more accurately, play mindfully. 

Weight Loss

Gaining strength, toned lean muscles and deep awareness of your body will empower you to want the shift to happen, and make it happen. Diet has to come along with it as you start to feel more energized and in control of your own body.

Pre and Post Natal

Adapt to every stage of your pregnancy, and exercise until delivery. Elongate and strengthen stressed muscles and ligaments with low impact exercises. Get your body ready for delivery, and strong to nurture your baby. 


Strengthen your bones, improve muscle tone and flexibility. Relieve arthritis and stiffness. Improve your concentration and postural awareness. 

Mindful exercise will improve circulation and give you a more restful sleep.


Learn to sit upright, stand tall, move freely and gracefully in a developing body. Understand your body as it goes through changes from puberty to adulthood. Engage your core, gain flexibility, coordination and concentration as you learn movement. Get to know yourself and get better at what matters to you. 
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