Gyrotonic® Pre Training Course

25-30 September 2022
11am-2pm and 3pm-5pm

Course fee:  800 USD
Studio fee:  450 SGD

Pre requisite:  10 hours of private Gyrotonic® sessions.
Taught by certified Gyrotonic® pre trainer Francisca Garcia

This is a 30 hour course for those who would like to get certified to teach the Gyrotonic® Method. It can also be taken to deepen your personal understanding of the system, if teaching is not your priority.
We will go through the basic principles of Gyrotonic®, connecting breath and movement, improving your quality of movement, rythm and flow. We will address all parts of the body, ending the course with a complete body workout on the Gyrotonic® Tower.

This course is meant for you to become a better mover. Achieve an improved posture and learn to connect movement, breath and thought in a comprehensive workout session without losing concentration or focus.  For those who want to become future teachers, it's the first step to take.

For further questions or if you'd like to register for this course please whats up me at 65 9017 3563.
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