What is the difference between Gyrotonic and Pilates exercise?

Gyrotonic exercise is rhythmic and circular. Pilates is linear and controlled. Gyrotonic exercise works the whole body integrating all its parts in continous movement. Pilates isolates movement and muscle groups so that you feel that burn where you're working. Gyrotonic exercise doesn't isolate movement. The whole body has to coordinate to perform movement, hundreds of muscles have to engage in a dynamic and fluid manner, where quality of movement and rhythm  are important. Gyrotonic exercise connects you to your Seed Center. Pilates connects you to your Power House. Both build strength from the inside out.

What is the difference between the Gyrotonic method and Yoga?

The influence of Yoga is present in Gyrotonic exercise, however, the methodology is quiet different. In the practice of Yoga postures are held. Transitions between poses are usually not the focus of the work. The strength from holding a position stationary can be very powerful and challenging. Muscles work in an isometric way. In Gyrotonic we are moving constantly. Movement can be extremely slow, like an adagio, or can be fast and rhythmic. Transitions between moves are very important, so that we never loose connection in the body. Muscles work in an isotomic way. The influence of Dance creates an exercise that is fluid and in constant motion. 

What is the difference between the Gyrotonic method and Dance?

Simple! Dance is a form of art, in which the body expresses or communicates to the audience. Gyrotonic exercise is an amazing method of exercise that will enhance expression and individuality. It will help you build clear and strong connections in your body to achieve whatever your goals might be.

What is the difference between Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise?

Gyrokinesis exercise used to be called Yoga for Dancers. It is the mat work of Gyrotonic exercise. The same exercises are performed without equipment, on stools, the floor, and standing. This is a group mat based class. Recommended for those who travel a lot, something you can do in your hotel room to alleviate tension and energize your body. 

I have scoliosis. Is it safe to do Gyrotonic exercise?

Yes. Gyrotonic exercise emphasizes spinal motions, teaching you how to elongate and decompress your vertebrae while you move. This is very strengthening work and very effective in balancing all the muscle imbalances that scoliosis causes. Pain will be relieved and your postural awareness will improve.

How big are your group classes?

I have a maximum of 6 people per class, as this makes it possible to correct and modify exercises accordingly with the technical  level of each student. Quality of movement is a priority. Small classes, big difference.

What should I wear?

Any comfortable exercise clothes and a clean pair of socks.

What's your cancellation policy?

I have a 12 hour cancellation policy. As I'm the only teacher, this gives me time to reschedule your session and give your slot to someone else who might be on a waiting list. This way I keep the sessions in my studio exclusive for my clients, in a quiet, private, and concentrated atmosphere.

Do you have showers?

There's one bathroom available for private clients with a shower and towels provided. For those taking mat based group classes, there's a maximum of 6 people in class, and you must bring your own towels.

How's parking?

On weekdays working hours you cannot park in the driveway as it is being used by the office downstairs. There is accesible parking on the street, or at Fair Price, or at the Comcentre. After working hours (5:30pm), on weekends and public holidays you can park in the driveway.
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