Rates (S$)

Gyrotonic & Pilates (Private)

Walk in130.00
Package of 101,155.00
For professional dancers, package of 10800.00

Gyrotonic & Pilates Duets (2 people)

Walk in (per session)180.00
 (S90.00 per person)
Package of 101,600.00
(S$800.00 per person)
For professional dancers, package of 101,300.00
(S$65.00 per person)
(S$70.00 per person)

Group Mat Classes

Gyrokinesis (1hr class)30.00
Pilates Mat (1hr class)30.00
Pilates HIIT (1 hr class)30.00
Yoga (1hr class)30.00
Postural Analysis / Klein Technique (1.5 hr class)40.00
Contemporary Dance (1.5hr class) 45.00
Currently not taking place as it will happen outside of the studio, in a proper dance studio, with a minimum of 6 students. Cost is S$45.00 per class, S$180.00 per month, once a week. This is to cover studio rental fees. No cancellations will be accepted for this class.
Private Groups40.00
All classes will take place with a minimum of 3 students. Mats will be provided. Students must bring their own towels. For all classes there is a 12 hr cancellation policy.

Zero Balancing

Package of 10850.00
Walk in100.00
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