Gyrotonic exercise was developed in the 70's in NY, USA, by ex ballet dancer Juliu Horvath. Gyrotonic exercise is an exercise method that offers similar benefits also derived from Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming, Yoga, and Tai Chi. The movements are performed on a machine, in a circular manner, with a pattern of breathing that promotes connection in the body. The Gyrotonic method, is designed to open areas of the body that are usually underdeveloped or tight, such as the chest area and shoulders, or pelvis and legs.
Always maintaining a deep connection to our "seed center" we can get rid of unnecessary tension, and get stronger in an elastic or "supple" way. You will feel centered, stretched and strong after each session. GT is designed for anyone who wants to tone, elongate and open the body, gaining absolute awareness of their posture in a dynamic way.

A Private Gyrotonic session is one hour long and it is customized to your own needs and goals. A Duet Gyrotonic session is one hour long and it will be designed for two people on equipment. Similarities and differences will be adressed in a way that both students can learn together and are able perform the exercises to the best of their ability.


Gyrokinesis exercise was called Yoga for Dancers. It is the mat work of Gyrotonic exercice. In Gyrokiniesis exercise the flow of movement and breath are very important. Class begins sitting on stools, connecting our deep core muscles to find center, and elongation through our spine. Spinal motions move in all planes of space. Class continues on the floor, integrating lower to upper body, and adding abdominal flexion and back extension exercises. Class ends standing, balancing, hoping, jumping and walking.
You will learn to sit up tall, decompress the spine, and move your body from your "seed center" with connection and fluidity, all on your own! This class is designed for those who enjoy moving their bodies to their full potential, an open door to expansion and transformation.


The Pilates Reformer is a carriage with springs that vary in tension, where one can be supine, prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing. The tension from the springs helps the body engage the proper muscles, isolating the areas where the work takes place. This method of exercise is linear, 2 dimensional, and isolates the muscle groups that are being engaged. You will feel that burn! It is very strengthening for the whole body, as you will learn to stabilize or control the pelvic area as well as the shoulders, engaging your core all the time as you move from one exercise to the other.
This is advised for those who need strength, stability and core control. The exercises are straightforward and clear, so when coordination is difficult, this is the perfect way to begin to achieve awareness.

A Private Pilates session is one hour long, and it will be custumized to your own needs and goals. A Duet Pilates session is one hour long and it is for 2 people on equipment. Similarities and differences will be adressed in a way that both students can learn together and perform the exercises to the best of their ability.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat (PM) was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920's. PM is designed to work each part of the body, with set exercises to develop strength, control, and stability. Mobility comes with absolute control, where focus and concentration play an important role.
The exercises are 2 dimensional and linear, helping you engage specifically those muscles that are targeted.  You will engage each of your muscles in an isolated way, so you will definitely feel “the burn”. This class is designed for those who need strength, stability, and proper control over their bodies The experience is empowering, as you feel yourself stronger, with increased muscle mass, and more core control.

Pilates HIIT

This class combines a Yoga flow with Pilates Mat exercises to warm up for the first 20 minutes. Then there's a Hiit portion of 25 minutes, in which one specific exercise is done for 1 minute with a rest of 20 seconds. Each exercise will focus on different parts of the body.
We concentrate on doing the exercise with a good quality of movement rather than just speed. The last 15 minutes we will cool down with deep stretches.

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a body/mind system of therapy designed by Fritz Frederick Smith, to enhance health by balancing body energy with body structure. It integrates Eastern principles of healing with Western scientific investigation of human anatomy.
ZB works on bone tissue by applying gentle pressure or fulcrums, and gentle traction at the joints. It is done on a massage table, through clothing, and it lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Zero Balancing sessions bridge the mind and the body, in a pleasant and effortless manner. Physically, ZB reduces body discomfort and pain, and promotes better alignment, resulting in better posture and ease of movement. Mentally, ZB reduces stress, quiets the mind, and heightens an increased sense of connection, peace, balance, and harmony. ZB is recommended to all, with the exception of pregnancy during the first and last trimester, and advanced osteoporosis. You will have to just lay down and enjoy the session, and it feels so good!!

“True health is more than the absence of symptoms; it must include the capacity for contentment in life as it unfolds." ~ Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D.

Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis was developed in the 70's by Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler, in NYC, US. They worked closely with choreographer Trisha Brown, and revolutionized Modern Dance, as “Release Technique” became a huge influence in the development of Contemporary Dance.
Klein Technique brings awareness to those deep muscles of skeletal support, by building connections between bony landmarks in the body. Class is slow, giving each student the opportunity to work at their own pace, in an atmosphere of deep concentration and quietness. One starts to let go of patterns or habits of movement that are no longer useful, and develops clearer and stronger connections through the body. This improves significantly posture, ease of movement, coordination, and if you're a dancer, your dancing. You will become aware of your bones, and how the bones move, using gravity as the main source of energy, running up and down your structure.

This class is recommended for athletes, yogis, and dancers. The class is physically very demanding on the hamstrings, and mentally, on the ability to keep focus. Klein Technique is centering, clears the mind, and gives you a sense of deep connection to yourself, where you will feel secure and whole.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance class is based on Klein Technique. Class starts slowly, building connections in the body, warming it up with simple movements, establishing body awareness through technical exercises. From small phrases that build up a warm up, class evolves into larger phrases, using rhythm and momentum.
These phrases come together into one longer phrase, creating a small piece of choreography for the students to dance fully. This class is designed for movers with an interest in exploring their bodies in a technical manner. Of course a dance background is preferred, but is not compulsory.
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