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Kumala Dewi Hasanuddin
Frans is a very dedicated trainer. I have my personal experience that I want to share. I started Gyrotonic® 3 years ago when I had a problem of feeling numb for half of my body when i got up at night. It was very scary experience and a friend asked me to try Gyrotonic®. I took 4 classes and my problem was healed. I continue with the class until today and so far my problem has stayed away !! Thanks Frans.
Harumi Yoshida
My body has been totally changed!
Natassja Setiadji
The instructor is very knowledgeable and friendly, not only do you learn how to do the right movements properly and work out, but you also have great conversations with the instructor! As a tennis and volleyball player, Gyrotonic® has helped me move a lot better and perform better.
Winnie Wong
The Gyrotonic® sessions I attend focuses on quality of movement, fluidity and flexibility. I like the fact that we simultaneously work on functional muscle work and flexibility though sequences of motion - in fact it feels like my muscles have lengthened and strengthened! The Instructor’s teaching style is influenced by her dance background -the sequences are rhythmic and she focuses a lot on articulation and body awareness. My shoulders which tend to hike up over the course of the work week feel a lot less tense now and I have less trapezius muscle aches after taking consistent lessons. I generally lead a rather active lifestyle and I find Gyrotonic® sessions a fantastic complement! Most importantly sessions are fun, educational and never stressful.
Anna Castaneda
I get so much out of my private sessions in this Gyrotonic® studio. Francisca is extremely helpful in guiding me to achieve my fitness goals. As a dancer, I like that my sessions are programmed toward making my current repertoire easier to dance/execute. I leave the studio feeling accomplished and more balanced.
M Lee
Fran has been training me for years and my core strength has never been better. Since I started my weight loss journey, Fran has helped me with flexibility using Gyrotonic and Pilates. Now, she has included mat work and Hiit to her repertoire. Working out at Gyrotonic Connect Somerset has helped to maintain my muscles and weight.
It was my first time doing pilates. My sessions with Francesca are one on one. i like that her approach is very organic, as my goals (about what i hope to get out of pilates) evolve. She is gentle, encouraging, patient and not pushy.
Erny Rusly
I always look forward to my weekly session of pilates & Gyrotonic with Frans. I go with my daughter who has scoliosis. Frans is not only knowledgeable, she is also quick to adjust the exercises according to the need and ability of each individual. I always feel taller and well stretched after each session. I highly recommend Frans to all.
Catherine Ho
Like many Mothers, I suffered from acute lower backache after giving birth. Went for many sessions of chiropractic treatments and it didn't get better. It was only through Gyrotonic with Francesca that my back recovered without the need for other treatments or medications. Am now still maintaining my back health with regular gyro sessions with Fran.


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